Do I Need an Attorney for a Simple Divorce in El Paso?

A man and woman meeting with their divorce attorney to finalize their simple divorce.

If you plan to handle a divorce case on your own because things are looking good so far, think again. The fact is, you will always need an attorney for even the most straightforward cases. This is because there will always be room for error, and it is impossible to know the risks without a […]

Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim After Suffering Heat Stroke or Exhaustion in El Paso

Worker experiencing heat exhaustion that can lead to workers comp

Many employees would probably not immediately believe it if they were told they could file a workers’ comp claim for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. But heat-related illnesses, just like any other workplace injury, are nothing to take lightly. Heat-related illnesses can have both short-term and long-term effects on one’s ability to perform and work. […]

10 FAQs About Workers’ Compensations: Here to Answer Your Every Question

Man With Broken Arm Filling workers compensation Claim Form

If you ever find yourself in a workplace accident, you should always report it to your supervisor right away. No matter how big or small it may seem. You should file a workers’ compensation claim by letting your supervisor know. The outcome of your claim heavily depends on the nature of the injury. To learn […]

What to Expect In an Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer  

A person meeting with their personal injury lawyer

If you recently experienced a personal injury, your world must feel like it’s spinning out of control. In these instances, it’s in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer. We’ve outlined what you can expect from your first consultation with a lawyer. This way, you can come prepared.  Talk to your attorney […]

Pedestrian Accidents: How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

In 2019 alone, more than 6,000 pedestrians passed away as a result of personal injuries. The fatalities for pedestrians remain high as one falls victim to a fatal accident almost every hour.  We often see or experience road accidents due to the driver’s fault, which could cost someone’s life. These problems can include overspeeding, drunk […]

Different Risks for Personal Injuries and Accidents for Different Seasons 

Businessman with magnifying glass on the white background. Personal injury claims sign

Accidents can happen at any time, but personal injuries can be called for different cases depending on the time of year. Yes, you read that right. For example, personal injury lawyers may be called to help those with an auto accident claim more in the summer than in any other time of the year. Personal […]

Common Injuries and Accidents in the Workplace 

First Aid. Engineering supervisor talking on walkie talkie communication while his coworker lying unconscious at industrial factory. Professional engineering teamwork concept.

With various work settings and responsibilities, anything can happen. Some of the most high-risk conditions are found in construction and factory settings. Most personal injury lawyers find themselves trying to navigate an accident in these settings, but it can happen anywhere. Whether it is a broken bone, electrocution, or any other kind of injury, you […]

Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is Critical to Your Case 

Businessman and Male lawyer or judge consult having team meeting with client, Law and Legal services concept

Your personal injury is important and it can mean being completely covered or not, depending on the route you take when you file a claim. Of course, you want to be and expect to be compensated for what you had to go through, but just because you file a claim does not mean you will […]

What You Need to Do After Being in an Out-of-State Auto Accident

Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service

Car accidents are bound to happen. In fact, the average person is likely to be in four auto accidents. With that kind of statistic, it can be quite frightening to get on the road, whether it’s a fifteen-minute drive or a ten-hour road trip.  When accidents happen, there are a couple of critical steps of […]