Do I Need an Attorney for a Simple Divorce in El Paso?

A man and woman meeting with their divorce attorney to finalize their simple divorce.

If you plan to handle a divorce case on your own because things are looking good so far, think again. The fact is, you will always need an attorney for even the most straightforward cases. This is because there will always be room for error, and it is impossible to know the risks without a […]

Nine Important Things You Need to Know When Filing for Divorce

The process of divorce is never an easy one, but if you’re smart with your actions from the start, you should be fine as it nears the end. Some divorce cases can go smooth, others may not always work in your favor. Attorneys are very much aware of the bad blood that may occur between […]

What You Need to Know About the Legal Process of Filing for Divorce 

a senior couple sitting on opposite ends of a couch after speaking about divorce

If you’ve recently decided to file for divorce, you may not be too familiar with the process—and that’s completely understandable. The process can be rather intricate and it can take more time if your partner doesn’t comply as expected. Either way, going about filing for divorce can be made possible when you learn more about […]

A Simple Divorce Lawyer is the Way to Go

Getting a simple divorce is possible when both parties are amicable, and meet certain requirements. Getting such a divorce is preferred as it allows for the process to be speedy, and relatively painless. In order to get a simple divorce, you need a simple divorce lawyer. Javier Martinez, Jr. is an experienced lawyer in divorce […]

3 Reasons To Consider A Simple Divorce

Uncontested divorce or simple divorce is a viable option when both partners are prepared to settle quickly and smoothly. We’ve all heard of stories involving a long, dragged-out divorce battle involving two individuals who can’t seem to bring their marriage to an end. These types of stories, while common, do not have to be the […]