What Questions Should I ask my Workers Comp Lawyer?

A person filling out a workers’ compensation form on a tablet.

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation if you have injured yourself at work or because of a work-related incident. Workers’ compensation will help you pay your medical bills and offset your lost income while recovering from your injury. However, not all insurance companies or employers want to honor workers comp, which means you may […]

A Guide on How to Deal with Insurance Companies in a Personal Injury Claims

At some point in your personal injury claim, you will be required to negotiate settlement offers. This will have to also involve the at-fault party’s insurance company. Because insurance companies will immediately offer the lowest settlement possible, you have to be wise about how you demand a bigger offer. We discuss the many tactics you […]

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Planning Your Will: Our Complete Checklist

Senior couple signing will documents. Elderly caucasian man and woman sitting at home and signing some paperwork, focus on hands.

For those near death or simply wanting to protect against the unexpected, a will is a great tool to ensure what you leave behind goes to the proper people. If you have assets and a family to look after, a will can be a good idea regardless of age.  Since most people would rather not […]

Motorcyclist’s Guide To Staying Safe On The Road

Motorcycle driver riding alone on asphalt motorway

Riding a motorcycle has a freeing, exciting feeling on a person. To basically straddle the engine as you fly across the ground, leaning into corners and nimbly navigating El Paso’s streets, is a sensation hard to adequately convey. A primal instinct is ignited, one of fear, respect, and eagerness all wrapped in one. This feeling, […]