Worker’s Rights & COVID19: Tips For Protecting Yourself 

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Worker’s Rights & COVID19: Tips For Protecting Yourself  As the coronavirus pandemic wages on, the focus is now on getting back to work, with staunch arguments on both sides. Caught in the middle are workers, who need to work in the absence of federal aid, but are at an increased risk for catching the deadly […]

Safety Tips: Protecting Yourself at Work During the Summer

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Do you work outside? Whether you’re a construction worker, truck driver, or you work in the oil field industry in Hobbs, NM, you’re no stranger to the brutal conditions of working in the heat. However, like the rest of the nation, Hobbs is seeing an intense heatwave. For individuals who work outside, this means an […]

Qualities to Consider When Looking for a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in New Mexico

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If you were recently injured in a workplace accident in New Mexico, you’ll want to hire an experienced attorney who can help guide your case and ensure your workers’ compensation claim is handled accordingly. The attorney you work with will make a significant difference in how well your case is handled, especially when it comes […]

Work-Related Spinal Cord Injuries: What to Do If You Were Injured on the Job

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Roughly 12 percent of workplace accidents are spinal cord related. Many of these injuries occur over time but some happen within minutes of being asked to perform a task, many of which require training or proper equipment such as a safety vest. It is not the responsibility of the employee to know this. Employers are […]

I Believe I Was Exposed to Toxic Chemicals at Work — What Can I Do?

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Being exposed to chemicals can alter your life in ways you never thought possible. Perhaps you are just now dealing with health complications or maybe it’s been months of suffering. No matter when you first began noticing the symptoms, it’s time to begin taking action. Between paying for doctor visits and altering your life, as […]