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For the past 19 years, our law office is proud to have defended numerous El Paso residents following work-related injuries. We focus on workers’ compensation and personal injury cases because we realize the need for a dedicated lawyer in this specific area of law. As a team, we are committed to providing our clients with information upfront and being available to answer questions as they arise.

We recently expanded our legal services to include practice in the state of New Mexico. Our office in Hobbs, NM has been a trusted force in fighting workers’ compensation and personal injury cases since 2013. A large part of what we do is ensuring that residents are treated fairly and according to what is legally just.

About Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C.

Javier Martinez, Jr. was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. With a sincere passion for justice, he pursued his professional interests at the University of Texas in El Paso (UTEP) by studying criminal justice. In 1992, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from UTEP. Upon graduating, he headed to San Antonio to study at St. Mary’s University School of Law. In May of 1996, he earned his Juris Doctor and in November 1996 he became licensed to practice in Texas. 

Since 1997, Mr. Martinez has been practicing law. He earned his first job as an associate. His extensive work experience includes helping injured workers in the state of Texas through the Texas Workers’ Compensation system. Additionally, Mr. Martinez worked as an Associate Attorney for two successful law firms before opening his own office in 1999. 

In addition to being an accomplished lawyer, Mr. Martinez has branched out his practices to include personal injury, simple wills and simple divorce. Moreover, in 2013 he earned his license to practice in the state of New Mexico where he handles workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.

Among the numerous victims Mr. Martinez has helped, he has represented those who were wrongfully terminated and discriminated against, as well as victims of insurance bad faith. He continues to work diligently with individuals in need of representation following a work-related injury.

“One of my favorite things to do is help someone who needs justice” – Javier Martinez, Jr.

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Seeking help after an injury is not always as easy as making a call, but at the Law Office of Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C., it is that easy. No sooner will you understand the process of fighting your workers’ compensation or personal injury case than when you reach out to us. We take pride in our ability to be transparent through every step of the process. Often, victims have already spoken to a personal injury lawyer but are looking for clarity, reassurance, and trust in the representative who will take on their case. Our knowledge and ability to handle even the most complex of cases will put us at an advantage to successfully achieve fair compensation. Our experience and success are unmatched by those of other local law offices in El Paso and Hobbs, NM. We stand by our word and look forward to proving our ability to win your case.

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Get the professional assistance you are entitled to and ease your anxiety by contacting us today. For our El Paso office, we can be reached at (915) 751-0896. If you are located in or near Hobbs, NM, please call us at (575) 393-0021.