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You Need An Experienced Attorney If You’ve Been Involved In A Service And Hospitality Industry Accident

At the core of the hospitality industry is the goal of providing a memorable and excellent customer experience. As a worker in this industry, you know that your role is a key part of serving customers, but what if your responsibilities become a risk to your safety or health? Whether you followed orders, lacked proper training, or were simply put in a bad situation, if you became injured as a result, you are entitled to a fair compensation.

Many times employers will blame innocent workers for their accident. Our role as your attorney is to represent your case and provide factual evidence that validates your case. Whether you live and work in El Paso, TX or in the state of New Mexico, our experienced workers’ comp attorney at law, Javier Martinez, Jr. is skilled and knowledgeable to win your case and grant you a fair compensation. With over nineteen years of experience as a personal injury lawyer, he knows the complications and personal stress you may be currently experiencing. For personal and legal reasons, we encourage you to contact us today. No sooner can you take a step toward peace of mind.

Most Common Service And Hospitality Accidents

The hospitality industry is regulated by a number of different regulations concerning food safety, liquor licenses, smoking, uniforms, training, and other important employment laws. As an employee, it can become overwhelming to stay up-to-date of these always-changing laws in your respective state. The role of your employer is to provide you with sufficient training and education as regulations change so that you can adapt as well. Nevertheless, the conditions in which you work should be safe and secure to prevent you from accidents. When your employer fails to keep you safe, the results can be life-altering.

These are some of the ways failures result in accidents:

  • Lack of proper lighting
  • Harassment
  • Failure to display warning signs
  • An insignificant amount of security
  • Poor personnel training
  • Failure to enforce uniform guidelines
  • Other issues related to cleanliness and poor working conditions
Experienced Attorney If You’ve Been Involved In A Service And Hospitality Industry Accident

Service And Hospitality Jobs Can Put A Strain On Your Body

Most of the jobs in service and hospitality require long hours and strenuous repetitive motions that eventually lead to long-term damage. Without proper treatment, you may experience severe damage that could be life-altering. Whether your injury was recent or a culmination of the hours you’ve put in over the years, we can help you receive compensation to treat your condition.

If you’ve experienced any of the following work-related injuries, you are entitled to assistance:

  • Skin injuries including cuts, bruises, lacerations, or tears of the skin.
  • Head injuries that may lead to a traumatic brain injury.
  • Food poisoning that caused illness or death.
  • Injury as a result of working with faulty equipment.
  • Other emotional and mental disorders as a result of verbal attacks.

If You’ve Been Involved in a Service and Hospitality Accident, Contact Us Today

At the Law Firm of Javier Martinez, Jr, P.C., we are committed to our clients. We know the service and hospitality industry has its share of pros and cons and as a worker you should not be penalized when the environment becomes a risk to your health. Contact us today to have someone from our team answer your initial questions.