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Excellent Representation Following An On-The-Job Car or Truck Accident

Vehicle accidents are among the worst injuries in the US workforce today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 35 percent of occupational fatalities are from auto accidents. When a worker is injured through a car or truck accident, employers are left with the burden of medical bills and other financial issues, such as a loss of income if he or she is unable to return to work right away. Through a thorough investigation, your personal attorney will help you fight your claim in order to grant you a fair compensation.

If You’re A Passenger Injured in A Company Vehicle

One common situation that occurs in vehicle-related accidents is passenger injuries. As a passenger, you should not be held responsible for the accident unless there is an attempt to prove you were a distraction or somehow purposely caused the accident. As with any personal injury claim, there will be a need to assess the situation as it played out to fully establish the details of the accident.

If you were the passenger involved in a vehicle accident, here’s what you should do:

1. Contact an experienced vehicle accident attorney.

2. File a passenger injury claim.

3. Seek a fair compensation to cover medical treatments.

Vehicle Accident Lawyer, El Paso

What To Do If You’re Involved In A Faulty Commercial Truck Accident

Commercial truck accidents are not handled in the same manner as passenger vehicles. There are several barriers that insurers will review when determining if the driver of the commercial vehicle is responsible or considered a victim. The damages that occur in these types of accidents tend to be extremely heavy given the impact of the truck’s size and weight. As a driver of a commercial vehicle, one of the first steps you should take is to contact an experienced attorney who can help investigate the scene. We stress the importance of this step because any wrong move can have negative repercussions on your end. Providing sufficient evidence to prove that you are not at fault will be vital in your claim.

Receive the Compensation You Deserve to Successfully Recover

As a licensed attorney who specializes in workers’ comp claims in both Texas and New Mexico, our office will help you file a workers’ comp claim and oversee the progress of the claim if the case becomes lengthy. Our role is to maximize the benefits and compensation you receive in order to provide enough financial security and support for your treatment.

We will assist you in receiving the following:

  • Medical assistance to help cover treatments and hospital bills.
  • Wage loss benefits if you are unable to return to work right away.

Contact an Experienced Car and Truck Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a vehicle accident in El Paso, TX or in the state of New Mexico, we can help you receive a fair compensation. Do not attempt to handle these types of claims on your own. The situation can become complex and lengthy as employers often attempt to deny being at fault. Most importantly, we will do what is necessary to represent you every step of the way.

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