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Simple Wills — Why Everyone Needs One

Approximately half of the adults in America do not have a Last Will and Testament. What does this mean for the large percentage of people living without a will? It means that when they pass away, their assets can become state property. Families often argue over the possessions of their lost relative, which adds to the stress and agony of funeral costs and other issues already on the surface. If you have children, own a home, car, or other valuable possession, you should consider creating a simple will.

What is a Simple Will?

A simple will is a legal document that tells the state how you wish to split your assets once you pass away. As the testator (person writing the will), you will name an executor, which is the person who should be responsible for handling your estate at the time of your death. The primary use for this type of will is for individuals who don’t have complicated estates, are in good health, do not have a child with disabilities, and will not owe debts after death.

Requirements in the State of Texas

Texas recognizes two types of written wills. The most common type of will is an attested will, in which you must sign the legal document with two witnesses, and both must be over the age of 14. Another type of will Texas honors is a holographic will. These can be handwritten and signed by you, but the handwriting must match your handwriting to that of other legal documents. If the handwriting will does not meet state statutes, it can be considered invalid. You should avoid this possibility by seeking legal assistance with creating a simple will.

Here are the initial requirements:

  • You must be under the age of 50 and be in good health.
  • You must own an estate that would be considered exempt from estate taxes.
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Average Costs of Last Wills and Testaments

On average, people can spend $400 on creating a will in Texas. That cost spikes up as the costs of attorney fees and estate planning gets complicated. The major benefit of a simple will is that you will save time and money by avoiding these and other costs. Our affordable rates are competitive in comparison to other local attorneys.

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