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What Is An Uncontested or Simple Divorce?

Simple divorce lawyer Javier Martinez is here to help El Pasoans separate legally. If you and your spouse are prepared to legally separate and have agreed to the terms of separation, you should consider an uncontested or simple divorce, and hire a simple divorce lawyer to help you through it. In doing so, you will avoid the time and money of going through a long and dreadful trial. By saving time, you also save money. On average, couples spend up to $20,000 in legal fees alone. Court trials are expensive and the reality of any divorce is that it will eventually end. Why not avoid the headaches and additional fees?

Requirements in the State of Texas

To be considered for a simple divorce, there are state requirements that you and your spouse must initially meet. Most importantly, you and your spouse must agree on matters concerning your separation without the need to argue one another’s respective opinions in court.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • The two of you have agreed to end your marriage.
  • You and your spouse do not have children under the age of 18 together.
  • You’ve agreed on legal matters such as how you will split assets.
  • Neither partner is seeking alimony.
  • You and your soon-to-be-ex-partner do not have an ongoing bankruptcy case together.

Other State Requirements to Consider

You and your partner must be Texas residents, this includes at least 6 months of residency in the state and 3 months in the county you are filing for divorce.
If you’re expecting a child, it is best to wait until the child is born to file for a divorce. Although it’s not a requirement, most courts will not finalize the divorce while the woman is still pregnant.

Simple Divorce Lawyer in El Paso

The Process is Straightforward, Here’s What You Can Expect

Once you set up a consultation with our lawyer, we will help you prepare your legal divorce settlement agreement, if you haven’t already done so. Next, we will review the document and answer any questions related to the agreement to ensure it meets state requirements and is legally sound. We will then file your paperwork with the county and update you on the status. It’s important to note that in the state of Texas, there is a 60 day waiting period to finalize the agreement. Once the court has cleared the decree, you will receive copies and your divorce is finalized.

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The Law Office of Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C. in El Paso, TX has provided legal services in simple divorce since 1999. As an experienced divorce lawyer, Mr. Martinez will help you and your spouse get through an otherwise stressful situation by helping it to go as smoothly as possible. If you are prepared to seek help today, please contact our law office.