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What To Do Following a Head and Neck Injury

The damages of a head and neck injury can lead to life-altering complications. While the severity can be minor to severe, often times victims are faced with mental and physical challenges that prevent them from leading a comfortable life. As an experienced workers’ comp lawyer, Javier Martinez, Jr. is well-versed in the numerous problems victims of a head and neck injury face. Even if you think your injury was minor, it’s imperative that you seek professional treatment as soon as possible. Often, symptoms do not show up until months later and the damage has worsened.

Types of Accidents that Frequently Lead to Head & Neck Injuries

Workplace accidents: This may include construction sites that are naturally dangerous and require operating heavy machinery.
Motor vehicle collisions: One of the most common places where head and neck injuries take place is in motor vehicle accidents. The impact to the head tends to be severe and causes whiplash because of the rapid movement of the neck.

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Types Of Head Injuries

  • Concussion: A concussion may occur when severe impact to the head affects the brain. The sudden acceleration and deceleration result in temporary loss of function, but if another concussion occurs it may lead to permanent damage.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: This type of injury damages brain cells and results in swelling. While the injury may not be visibly apparent, its internal damage tends to be one of the most dangerous types of head injuries. The results can lead to permanent brain damage or death.
  • Edema: Edema is also known as swelling, which builds pressure in the brain that pressed it against your skull.
  • Hematoma: More commonly known as clotting, hematoma is a collection of blood outside of the blood vessels. You can eventually lose consciousness or experience permanent brain damage.
  • Hemorrhage: Uncontrollable bleeding around your brain or within the brain tissue leads to headaches and vomiting. Over time, the buildup of blood can cause harmful pressure.
  • Skull fracture: Since your skull doesn’t have bone marrow, it’s strong and hard to break. However, a broken skull is unable to absorb impact, which means it will likely cause damage to your brain.

Common Symptoms Following a Head and Neck Accident

Symptoms vary and may not be obvious right away. Given the severity of most head injuries, seeking medical assistance immediately following an accident is very important. Early detection may help you prevent life-altering complications.

Minor symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Temporary loss of hearing

Severe symptoms may include:

  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Consistent migraines
  • Changes in mood
  • Coordination problems

Damages and Compensation

At the Law Office of Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C., we are committed to getting you the most compensation possible to ensure your health and finances are secure. As we maximize your benefits and compensation, we will also focus on long-term assistance. We will help you seek the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Insurance claims
  • Lost wages and future loss of earnings
  • Treatment for rehabilitation

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