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Why You Need An Experienced Attorney If You’re a Victim of Toxic Chemical Exposure

At the Law Office of Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C., our attorney assists workers who suffer from toxic chemical exposure. As a workers’ comp attorney in both El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM, he has proudly been able to help these workers receive the compensation and benefits they deserve for a healthy recovery. The effects can be life-altering and without proper treatment can lead to worse conditions.

Martinez has a successful track record when it comes to claims involving exposure to poisonous chemicals, gases, pesticides, irritants, and other harmful toxins. These types of accidents can be rare and complicated from an employer/employee standpoint. Many employers will deny blame and attempt to deny the employee a fair compensation. The benefit of working with our attorney is that he has the experience necessary to win your case.

Most Common Toxic Exposures and What They Can Do

The reality for many workers is that they can easily become exposed to damaging toxins without ever realizing it. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a high amount of toxic chemicals are released into the environment each year. The most prominent places where these toxins are exposed include facilities in industries such as mining, manufacturing, construction, and other places where a large number of chemicals are used. Among these facilities, there is a commonality of the chemicals that workers are exposed to. These include:

Lead: Lead poisoning can lead to neurological problems and long-term disabilities. The chemical is often found in paint and dust in older buildings. Severe symptoms include a fatality, neurological damage, and abdominal pain.

Asbestos: Once a large part of the construction industry, asbestos is known today for its ability to cause cancer. It was once banned by the EPA in 1989 and although that ruling fell through, today the chemical is known to cause damage when inhaled.

Benzene: This chemical is often found in paint and can potentially lead to leukemia. Initial symptoms include rashes, headaches, and nausea.

Mercury: Mercury can be inhaled and absorbed. At high levels, mercury can enter the bloodstream and cause damage to the nervous system. Other symptoms include loss of muscle control and coordination.

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Common Symptoms of Toxic Chemical Exposure

While the symptoms of these dangerous chemicals can vary, many of the short-term or initial side effects are similar. If you’re experiencing any of the following side-effects, you should seek medical help to avoid developing a worse condition:

  • Trouble breathing or swallowing
  • Difficulty seeing
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Problems with concentration
  • Extreme allergies

Who’s At Risk?

The reality is, we are all at risk of coming in contact with hazardous chemicals. However, certain workers are more likely to become exposed to these toxins given the nature of their everyday work environments. While it is by no means an excuse, you should become aware if you are at-risk of inhaling or absorbing a life-threatening chemical.

These workers tend to be most at-risk:

  • Construction workers
  • Factory workers
  • Carpenters
  • Welders
  • Railroad workers
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • HVAC technicians

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