Common Injuries and Accidents in the Workplace 
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With various work settings and responsibilities, anything can happen. Some of the most high-risk conditions are found in construction and factory settings. Most personal injury lawyers find themselves trying to navigate an accident in these settings, but it can happen anywhere. Whether it is a broken bone, electrocution, or any other kind of injury, you deserve to receive worker’s compensation as long as it happened while you were on the job. If you’re unsure where your accident stands or how it can be considered, we’re here to help. We discuss some of the most common injuries and accidents. 

Slip and Fall

Running into slippery surfaces is almost inevitable, especially in the workplace. What makes this accident tricky is that you must determine how or why there was a slippy surface and consider the level of damage it caused. Another risk of being at the workplace, especially in industrial settings, is falling from heights, heights that can do enough damage to take you out of the workplace. 

Auto Accidents

Some professionals have to drive or commute as part of their professional responsibilities. Should an accident happen while on the road, it is the company’s responsibility to take some fault for the accident? In fact, car accidents have become one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and even death, so that employees will be eligible for worker’s compensation. 

Work-Related Illness or Exposure 

One common workplace illness is mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibers, chemicals, and fumes. Mesothelioma is one of the many illnesses that employees can gain when working on the job. By being exposed to so many chemicals, employees face more and more risks of getting sick later in life. 

Muscle Strains 

Some employees have to do the same duties every day. Employees have reported muscle strains and conditions which is often tied to repetitive use and motion. One of the most well-known examples of repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is often experienced in the hands and wrist from being overused. Carpal tunnel is often found in those who type or do creative work. 

Falling Objects 

Some employees experience falling from dangerous heights, but some workplaces have had accidents where equipment and materials have fallen from these great heights as well. This isn’t just a problem you’ll find in warehouse-type environments. Objects can also fall from shelves or any other storage spaces, and when this happens, it’s almost always that injuries are the result. 

Crashes and Collisions 

In addition to on-the-road accidents, collisions can also occur in the workplace. This is often seen in settings where smaller vehicles—such as forklifts and warehouse trucks—are used to commute from one end of the facility to another. Managers must ensure that their employees use the proper protection to prevent accidents with these vehicles in the workplace.  

Being Caught in Moving Machinery 

These kinds of injuries tend to be some of the most traumatic, physically and emotionally, for employees. Some work settings have large pieces of machinery that need to be operated by employees, but there have been cases where limbs have been caught and debilitated. These injuries often result in amputation and can keep an employee from working in these settings for the remainder of their lives. 


Faulty gas lines or open flames usually cause accidents such as fires and explosions. These accidents almost always lead to very severe lacerations and burns. Explosions and fires account for 3% of all workplace injuries. 


Wherever there are exposed cords or lines, employees must tread carefully and report these instances to their superiors. Should a company fail to have these settings inspected, workers are bound to suffer from electrocution. 

How Our Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help You 

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