Different Risks for Personal Injuries and Accidents for Different Seasons 
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Accidents can happen at any time, but personal injuries can be called for different cases depending on the time of year. Yes, you read that right. For example, personal injury lawyers may be called to help those with an auto accident claim more in the summer than in any other time of the year. Personal injury lawyers already know the kinds of cases they will be seeing any time a new season comes into the picture. Not only should you avoid injury but you should also understand what can happen at what time of the year to stay prepared. We run down the most common personal injuries by season. 

Car Accidents 

Car accidents are not only the most common personal injury cases we see but they are also the most common cases that lawyers have to take in the summer. More specifically, Saturdays are when car accidents occur the most during the week. This can be due to many reasons. People are off from work, enjoying their weekend with summer festivities. The more people go out, the more likely it is to get involved in a car accident. 

Electrical Shocks 

Electrical shocks are commonly seen during the winter months. People want to decorate their homes for the holidays, so outcomes all the faulty wires and frayed wires. According to a Consumer Product Safety Report (CPSC), approximately 5,000 people are treated for electrical shock. When putting lights and decorations up, you have to be very aware of the state of your extension cords because exposed wires can cause extreme injuries. 

Back Injuries 

The holidays not only pose a risk of electrical shock but also put people at risk of experiencing very serious back injuries and accidents. Strains and sprains are commonly seen in those who have to receive treatment for their back injuries. To avoid neck, back, and shoulder injuries, remember to always lift heavy items with your back straight and your legs stiff. Never bend your back when picking up heavy items. 

Holiday-decorating related falls 

Statistics from the CDC show that approximately 5,800 Americans are treated for injuries related to holiday decorating every year. This is usually due to falls, leading to broken bones, pulled muscles, concussions, bruises, and other serious injuries. When you are working from heights, always remember to practice climbing as gently and as safely as possible. You should never stand on furniture or try to grab something that is out of your reach to where you lose your balance and end up falling. 


We’ve talked a lot about common injuries in the colder months of the year. Lacerations are yet another common personal injury during the fall and winter. Because people are dealing with packaging (and probably in haste, for that matter), hospitals see more patients coming in to get treated for cuts, burns, and other related injuries. We understand you need to be using special materials to get your holiday checklist done, but always be mindful of sharp objects and anything that can gauge your hand. 

Potholes, Cracks, and Other Kinds of Damage

Once the winter weather has cleared up, ice and snow will melt. One would think that drivers are much safer now, but this is not completely the case. Potholes, cracks, and other kinds of damage start to make an appearance on roads and this can lead to more accidents. Oftentimes, potholes do not cause collisions, but they do impede some kind of damage to tires. 

Slip and Falls

When treacherous conditions come into the picture and leave the picture, slip and falls are bound to happen. These kinds of accidents are more common during winter when ice and snow start to form, and during the spring when these conditions are melting away. Whether you slip, fall, or trip on public or private property, the person who owns the property will most likely be found liable. 

New Construction 

New construction is typically a year-round occurrence, we see more projects being done during the spring season. The end of winter, believe it or not, impedes many people in many ways. As the temperatures drop, it becomes easier for construction workers to get projects done, so with more of these professionals on the road, drivers are at risk of accidents and experiencing injuries. 

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