Do I Need an Attorney for a Simple Divorce in El Paso?
A man and woman meeting with their divorce attorney to finalize their simple divorce.

If you plan to handle a divorce case on your own because things are looking good so far, think again. The fact is, you will always need an attorney for even the most straightforward cases. This is because there will always be room for error, and it is impossible to know the risks without a lawyer to help. If you are working towards a simple divorce in El Paso, we dive into some key considerations. 

Key Points to Consider in An El Paso Simple Divorce 

Not Every Divorce is The Same 

All families and situations are different. Just because other divorce cases are simplified, it is not guaranteed that that will be the case for you Additionally, there is no standard divorce form that accommodates every agreement you have with your ex-spouse. When hiring an attorney for a simple divorce in El Paso, you will have documents customized to your case and needs. 

We Can Outline Potential Outcomes 

Based on the terms of your divorce and your relationship with your ex-spouse, an attorney knows when disagreement can arise. In any uncontested or simple divorce in El Paso, attorneys use their knowledge to predict the future and address issues now before they become bigger problems. With that being said, an attorney can help you work ahead of your divorce. 

An El Paso Attorney Can Help You Save Money 

Believe it or not, hiring an El Paso simple divorce attorney can help you save money. Should you encounter any problems with your ex-spouse after your divorce has been settled, this can bring up fees and payments for additional services. As we mentioned earlier, we will take care of addressing any issues early on so that you don’t have to worry about needing an attorney later on. 

Making Your Agreement Happen 

Too often, attorneys have assisted couples who have reached an agreement through unique resolutions—a different way of making amends than most other divorce cases. But the problem with this is that not every judge may accept these resolutions. With an attorney by your side, a professional will turn your agreement into a divorce decree a judge will sign off on. 

Navigating Divorce Proceedings 

If you choose to file for divorce alone, then that means you are fully responsible for managing your part of the legal process, such as: 

  • Paperwork
  • Dividing assets 
  • Alimony settlements 
  • Time-sharing agreements

When going about the process alone, this can delay your divorce case and makes it easier to make mistakes that could have easily been prevented with an attorney. 

Amicable Divorces Can Be Unpredictable

Attorneys everywhere bear witness to divorces that begin amicably but get nasty down the road. This is all too common for couples who begin with a simple divorce because it is also common to let emotions or discoveries get in the way, such as: 

  • Infidelity or new partners
  • Financial dishonesty 

A Professional Has the Knowledge You Need 

Most of all, there is no one better to handle your case entirely than an attorney who specializes in simple divorce in El Paso. Javier Martinez Jr. has years of experience working in simple divorce cases. Our law office can take all the legal documents and handle the court process daily. This is all to help you! 

Get Your Case Done Right at the Law Offices of Javier Martinez!

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