How COVID-19 Has Impacted Law Firms Across the Country
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The COVID-19 pandemic has led an immense impact on businesses and services all across the United States, especially law firms. With no clear end on the global crisis, many lawyers and legal professionals are currently facing challenging times. While some industries are finding ways to work around the virus, such as restaurants, entertainment, and travel sectors, law firms are facing an even harder time being able to assist clients while also practicing safety measures. We discuss the many ways in which law firms are responding to the situation and how they are currently functioning across the nation. 

Acting Early In Response to Nationwide Orders

When city lockdowns were ordered, federal governments were trying to indicate which services were essential to society. Some business restrictions were immediately set in stone, and while all of this was happening, many law firms were preparing for the worst. Much like other companies, some law offices had to shorten their staff due to the inability to provide pay to each employee. With a decreased demand in services, these law firms were eventually forced to shut down. 

Of The Legal Workforce, Who Took the Hardest Hit?

There are many kinds of legal workers, but among them, certain legal professionals took the hardest hit when COVID-19 came into the picture. Litigators and professionals working in contingency cases struggled the most. Essential services such as letters, documentations, and briefs are still occurring as they do not require in-person meetings. These services can easily be requested via phone, email, etc. Although, as long as courts, administration, and law offices are closed, hearings and trials are to be placed on hold. Since the end of COVID-19 is far from predictable, many litigators feel less inclined to close their cases. Placing a hold on their hearings allows them more time for work, but it also impedes their ability to collect fees, further increasing financial turmoil. 

Providing Law Firms with Opportunities to Improve 

As negative as COVID-19 can be, we can also look as the positive impacts it has left on legal businesses. Many lawyers and law firms are taking advantage of this time by learning how to better assist their clients and how to adjust their services. We never know when a crisis as significant as COVID-19 could come into play again, which is why many businesses, especially law firms are trying to come up with a plan to stay prepared. Adjustments and transitions are encouraging law firms to lead their organizations and attorneys in a better position when COVID-19 passes on.  

Taking a Toll on Immigration Relations

Since court hearings have been ordered to go on hold, that means that some immigrants who were in the process of moving to the United States have been told to wait. With President Donald Trump’s order to not allow travel from outside countries, law firms are forced to work patiently with their immigration clients, no matter where they are from. Furthermore, borders have been closed—at least not completely. The border between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico has restricted hours of when people can cross. These hours of restriction are mostly at night, when crossing the border is least active. 

Insurance Lawyers: Without a Doubt, Essential 

COVID-19 has not only induced a financial burden on companies but it has also placed concerns for working families on all levels. Insurance lawyers are working to the best of their ability, even remotely, to support their clients and help them navigate through unemployment, layoffs, and much more. Attorneys that are skilled with innovative tools such as cybersecurity and videoconferencing are in higher demand. This demand is expected to last anywhere from twelve to eighteen months. Bankruptcy attorneys are also expected to be in great demand in the coming weeks, months even, as well. 

What The Public Thinks About the Fate of Law Firms

Many people think that the legal industry has now been permanently transformed via a digital influence. It is expected that, even if things were to go completely back to normal, clients would continue to reach out to attorneys with videoconferencing. Despite the fact that we have been forced to make these changes, many of us enjoy what the world of virtual communication brings. 

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