How to Stay Safe on New Mexico’s Roads During Fall and Winter
Personal injury lawyer (hobbs nm)

Personal injury lawyer (hobbs nm)

It’s no surprise that weather conditions like rain, wind, or snow impact the condition of roads making it more dangerous for commuters to get to their destination. As fall and winter tend to loaded with gloomy weather, visibility on the road is negatively impacted. Other obstructions like snow can hinder your ability to drive or make it challenging. The fall and winter seasons are also a time when many people hit the road, traveling to their destination for the holidays, which poses a challenge — with more vehicles on the road, the likelihood of accidents increases. For Hobbs residents who are planning to head to other parts of New Mexico such as Albuquerque or Sante Fe, we have some safety tips that you’ll want to follow to help make your drive safe.

As a personal injury lawyer in Hobbs, NM, we know how dangerous it is commuting on roads during bad weather conditions, especially among semi-trucks. We know car and truck accidents can end badly when safety measures aren’t made a priority, which is why we advocate for driver safety and preparedness.  

Tips for Driving in the Rain

Wet roads are dangerous for many reasons. For one, it can cause vehicles to collide with one another as they lose their grip and slip. The rain can also be a hazard as heavy rain hinders your ability to see. While it’s advised to avoid driving in the rain, the reality is you may be caught on the road when a rainstorm hits. Here’s what you can do if that happens:  

  • Slow down by 5 to 10 miles. It may seem like a good idea to speed in order to avoid the area but you may increase your chances of getting in an accident as speeding may cause your vehicle to hydroplane, which means it will lift off the ground. If this does happen, do not press on the gas. Allow your vehicle to slow down until you reach a steady speed.   
  • Avoid flooded areas. Within a couple of hours of rain, areas can become flooded. It’s often hard to tell how severely flooded areas are until you attempt to drive through them. Instead of taking a risk, avoid these areas completely. Driving through a flooded area can cause your car to shut down completely.    
  • Take your foot off the break if you do hit a puddle. When you slam your break while driving through a puddle this creates heat and friction. It will cause your breaks to dry — this is simply not good for your car!    

Tips for Driving in Icy or Snowy Roads

Driving after or during a snowstorm can be dangerous. The roads will be slippery and it may cause your vehicle to skid. If snow is still falling, it may also create barriers on the road. Similar to driving during a rainstorm, it’s best to avoid driving in this type of condition.

  • Don’t speed! You’ll want to reduce your speed by about 10 miles during a snowstorm or if ice is present on the ground. Whenever you notice the road is slippery, slow down but do not slam on your breaks.
  • Avoid tailgating other vehicles. Leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you. You’ll want to have at least 100 yards between you and the car ahead. In the event that you need to hit your breaks, you will avoid hitting the car or truck in front of you.   
  • Turn into a skid. If you do experience a skid, take your foot off the break and the gas and turn your steering wheel the direction your vehicle is moving. For example, if your car is sliding to the left, turn the wheel to the left, allowing the car to correct itself.
  • Do not hit the brakes while turning. Hitting the breaks can easily cause an accident. Instead of hitting your breaks, take your foot off the gas and allow your vehicle to slow down on its own.  

Planning your trip in conjunction with the weather can help you avoid driving in terrible conditions. Always have your vehicle inspected prior to hitting the long for an extended period of time and drive with caution!

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Car accidents during the fall and winter months can be extremely scary. If you are involved in a car or truck accident, do not wait to seek legal assistance. It can be difficult to receive the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and other damages that resulted from the accident. Our law firm can help protect your rights and guide your case in the right direction when things get difficult. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you.