Why You Should Speak to a Workers Comp Lawyer After a Workplace Accident
workers comp lawyer

Workers comp lawyer

Many hard-working Americans put their lives on the line, every single day, to make ends meet.  From steel manufacturers, electrical engineers, roofers, to construction laborers — these workers are constantly at risk of injury. Even the most careful worker can still fall victim to an unavoidable injury. In these instances, workers’ compensation steps in to help you recover from your work-related injuries.

If you’re in the Hobbs, New Mexico area and have suffered an injury while on the job, you deserve to recover in peace without worrying about loss of income. Your first step to seeking compensation is to file a workers’ comp case. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to act fast. Next, you’ll want to reach out to an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who will help you successfully obtain compensation for your injuries.

Understanding What Workers’ Comp Provides

Workers’ compensation protects both workers and employers from any losses that may be caused by on-the-job accidents or illnesses related to the job. This no-fault system specifically aims to help workers get back to work as soon as possible. Workers’ comp achieves this by providing workers with payment for medical care but it goes further than that. Payment is also provided to individuals who have been permanently or partially disabled once the maximum medical improvement is reached. Workers who are partially or permanently disabled will also be covered by workers’ compensation. If the worker dies from a job-related incident, the worker’s family (known as “survivors”) will receive survivor benefits. These benefits may sound well and good but there are instances where workers don’t receive what they deserve. These instances can make living life difficult for victims of on-site injuries.

How Workers’ Comp Works in the State of New Mexico

If you’ve been injured on the job, you have 15 days to report the incident to your employer. If the injury prevents you from giving notice within 15 days, the amount of time is extended to 60 days. Even if your injury can be linked to a workplace issue, the employer may refuse workers’ comp. If this occurs, you need to seek legal assistance to receive the compensation you deserve.

The Law Office of Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C. specializes in workers’ comp cases in the Hobbs, New Mexico. No matter what you’re facing, our team can take care of your situation. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help. You deserve to recover in peace, without fear of falling into debt or losing your funds.