Motorcyclist’s Guide To Staying Safe On The Road
Motorcycle driver riding alone on asphalt motorway

Riding a motorcycle has a freeing, exciting feeling on a person. To basically straddle the engine as you fly across the ground, leaning into corners and nimbly navigating El Paso’s streets, is a sensation hard to adequately convey. A primal instinct is ignited, one of fear, respect, and eagerness all wrapped in one. This feeling, however, comes at the inherent cost of safety. While there have been advances in motorcycle and motorcycle gear, riding will never be as safe as a car. That being said, there are things that all motorcyclists can do to reduce the risk of an accident and injury. Check out this list of tips to stay safe on the road. 

1) Never Forget Your Gear

Whether you’re going two miles down the road, or on a two-day road trip, never leave your gear. Gloves, motorcycle jacket and pants, boots, and especially helmet should all be on no matter where you go. A crash can happen anywhere; don’t be caught unprepared. 

2) Periodically Check Your Bike

A motorcycle needs more regular maintenance than a car. With this in mind, make sure to check your tires consistently to see if they need balancing and check your chain for any signs of wear or links missing. A good tip is to just read your bike manual, which will have all the pertinent information.

3) Watch For Spills and Potholes 

One of the quickest ways to crash is to ignore potholes or oil spots. Be on the lookout for these—while they usually have little effect on a car, the effect is amplified for a bike. 

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