9 Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case 
worker hurt his back lift heavy box in factory

If you’ve never experienced a legal matter of personal injury before, you might not know exactly what to do. You know it’s best to contact a lawyer, but where do you take it from there? It’s important to always be aware of what’s going on in your case and what you must do when claims are made. 

In the past, people who are at fault for a personal injury case have been able to manipulate the case to make it seem that they are not at fault. When this happens, you could lose the coverage and protection you need to get you back on your feet. This doesn’t have to be the case for you. By knowing what to look out for, your personal injury case can go your way. We discuss how by looking at mistakes to avoid. 

Not Filing a Police Report

One of the first and more important things you must do in any kind of accident is to file a police report. This is one of the best sources of evidence that you can use to your advantage throughout your case. When you fail to call the police, you automatically make the process harder. 

Talking About the Case with Someone Other than Your Lawyer

You are never obliged to speak to the other party’s insurer. If they call you requesting to talk about the facts of the injury and your case, don’t give in. You do not have to speak about the accident with the at-fault driver or their insurance company. No good will come from doing so. 

Immediately Signing Away With Anything on Your Case

Always, always, always read contracts and ask questions. You have to be speculative throughout the duration of your case. Contracts tend to take advantage of people because it’s so easy to skip through and sign the papers. Although it might be easy to do so in the beginning, it could make matters worse in the end. 

Posting on Social Media

It might be best to skip activity on social media for a while, at least until after your case clears up. Your posts on social media can say one thing and the claims you make could say another. It is possible that the judge on your case and the insurers will go through your social media to determine just how much coverage you need. Don’t let social media ruin your case. 

Not Reporting Previous Injuries

If you have suffered from personal injuries before, don’t ever hesitate to tell your lawyer and your insurance agency. By having experienced personal injuries before, it’s more likely that you’ll receive a large settlement considering you might need extra medical attention and care. Make note of everything throughout your case. 

Getting Rid of Evidence

When people are involved in car accidents, they’re quick to try to cover up the damage. Little do they know that this completely works against them. Damage is a critical portion of the evidence, in auto accidents and personal injuries in general. Getting rid of damages is technically a form of lying about your case. Avoid this, at all costs. 

Not Following Up with Your Lawyer

If you don’t tell your lawyer about any requests made by the at-fault driver, you could lose your case altogether. That’s what your lawyer is for, to be the middle man of communication between both parties. Your lawyer will do everything in their best efforts to make sure that you are not found guilty of the case and that you receive the care you need to deal with your injuries. Always speak to your lawyer. 

Ignoring Your Doctor’s Advice

If you want to resume your daily life, you must follow a doctor’s orders when it comes to treatment. A lawyer cannot help you much if you do not decide to follow the prescribed treatment considering you would be at fault for neglecting care. This will only make you look bad in the end. 

Renewing Your License 

If your personal injury was a car accident with a commercial vehicle or involved recreational activities that require a license, do not renew your license during your claim. Speak to your lawyer about the best plan of action to take considering you could be investigated and have your license revoked. 

Avoid These Mistakes by Working with Hobbs Attorney Javier Martinez!

Filing a claim and following up with your case can be a long and arduous process. Don’t let your case consume you. Contact J. Martinez Jr. to discuss a plan of action and to learn more about how we can help you receive the settlement to accommodate your injuries.