The Three Types of Damages in Personal Injury Cases
Construction worker helps woman as she holds her leg up , in pain.

Not all personal injury cases are the same. Injuries from a car crash are vastly different than those that occur as a result of a workplace mishap. As such, the instances vary in how each injury can and should be treated, both medically and legally. In most cases, personal injuries require you to fight in order for your damage costs to be covered. In general, your compensation depends on the severity of your injuries and damage that may have been done to any of your personal belongings. Damages are categorized in three distinct ways: compensatory, general, and punitive. Below, we discuss each category so you’ll have a better understanding of what goes into personal injury cases.


As its name suggests, this classification of damages is basically meant to “make it up” to the plaintiff for what may have been lost due to an accident. Compensatory awards are granted with the intention to make the plaintiff “whole” again through monetary means. This means that a court has to be able to calculate a dollar figure for the cost of medical care (for any injuries sustained) as well as the cost of repairs as well as pain and suffering if need be.


General damage cases work in the same way as compensatory damage cases, except damages that fall into the former, are often less tangible and less specific than the latter. Factors that may be considered when determining general damages include age, occupation, income, and the severity and permanency of the injuries.


A punitive classification of injuries calls for punishing a defendant for egregious conduct. These cases tend to be the most difficult to meet as the plaintiff has to meet the standard of proving extreme severity of damage and injury. If these cases are successfully obtained, punitive damages often exceed that of which compensatory or general cases can award a plaintiff. 

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