Tips for Motorcycle Safety in El Paso

motorcycle rider in rush hour traffic behind cars, vans, and trucks. El Paso is home to the world’s largest Harley Davidson motorcycle store — Barnett Harley-Davidson. It should come as no surprise considering our city’s large amount of motorcycle clubs and lonesome riders.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or not, you have the responsibility of keeping the roads as safe as possible. As a personal injury lawyer who defends victims involved in motorcycle accidents, Javier Martinez, Jr., is an advocate for road safety. There are ways in which El Paso drivers can contribute to making the roads less dangerous each and every day.

Here are three primary tips for motorcycle safety.

Tip #1: Take a motorcycle safety course.

Most drivers learn to drive a motorcycle from a friend or relative. Even if you’ve been riding for years, it’s a good idea to take a motorcycle rider course. El Paso Community College offers courses aimed at increasing safety for beginners and experienced drivers alike. The Experience Motorcycle Rider Course is designed for riders who have a minimum of six months experience riding and have completed the basic course. A motorcycle course will establish safety practices that even experienced riders can learn from.   

Tip #2: Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The majority of motorcycle accidents are either due to speed or alcohol use. For drivers who take the risk of riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they increase the likelihood of getting in an accident. In 2015, nearly half of riders who died at night were impaired by alcohol. At night, traffic accidents were three times more likely to be involved in an accident where alcohol was a factor. Riders should seek alternative transportation if they decide to drink or if they are taking medication.        

Tip #3: Double-check for motorcycles.

You may have the messages displayed along the highway that say “Share the Road — Look Twice for Motorcyclists.” This message has stirred controversy in some cities who see lane-splitting by motorcycles as a major cause of accidents. However, the call to action was intended to give drivers something to consider as they commute. Given that motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to be killed in an accident than passengers in cars, the reminder is to look out for motorcyclists.      

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Attorney at law Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C. knows that safety in numbers can make a huge difference in motorcycle accidents. Our law firm has represented drivers who’ve been involved in an unfortunate motorcycle accident. This first-hand experience has given us the knowledge to provide others with safety precautions. We believe that El Paso is an ideal place for cruising on a motorcycle and no one should have to suffer from the negligence of other drivers. If you or someone you know has recently become injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our personal injury attorney today.