What to Do Following an Oilfield Accident in New Mexico
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oilfield accident

The oil and gas industry provides great wages for residents in New Mexico. But given the high number of accidents, we often ask is it worth the risk? We often hear of a friend or distant relative who was injured in an accident and feel disconnected thinking this will never happen to me — until it does.

Following an oil field accident comes one of the most difficult journeys of recovery. In this blog post, we’re going to highlight the critical steps you need to take to secure your future from both a health and financial standpoint.

Step 1: Notify Your Employer

It is especially critical that you notify your employer right away regarding your injury. He or she may have further questions regarding what exactly took place. Do your best to report the accident based on the facts. A formal report will be documentation needed to prove your case, especially if your employer is denying fault. Be as detailed as possible. For example, name all of the equipment involved, the names of people present, how the events led up to the accident, and what parts of your body were injured as a result. A formal investigation will likely follow but regardless of what you are advised, make sure you do not speak with a workers’ compensation insurance claims adjuster or investigator before speaking with an attorney.

Step 2: Seek Medical Attention

Ultimately, you’ll want to seek medical attention right away. Even if you think that all you need is a couple of days to rest and recuperate in the comfort of your home (and you likely do), do not neglect seeking medical care. It is critical that your injuries be professionally examined and that a doctor inform you whether or not it is safe to return to work.

Step 3: Contact An Experienced Oilfield Injury Lawyer

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Between wondering if you will ever be able to work again and stressing about how your medical bills will be paid for, it’s a lot to take in. Don’t attempt to handle these matters alone. As an experienced oilfield injury lawyer in New Mexico, Javier Martinez, Jr., is dedicated to ensuring you are protected. We will make sure you receive the right compensation for your injuries and other losses that resulted from the accident. Our goal is to protect you during this extremely challenging time. The hurdles ahead may present themselves in many different ways, often in the most unexpected surprises. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Don’t Delay Seeking the Help You Need

Oilfield accidents are some of the worst workplace accidents seen across the state of New Mexico. Delaying legal help could make matters worse. Your future health and livelihood are undoubtedly on the line.

Contact the Law Office of Javier Martinez, Jr., P.C. today to receive the legal assistance you need to peacefully recover.