What To Do Immediately After A Dog Bite

Being attacked by a dog can be a fast, jarring experience. Sometimes dogs are triggered by certain events or stimuli, or simply aren’t a fan of strangers and feel threatened. Whatever the case, how you react after the bite can make a major difference in how you recover. In this article, we’ll go what you should do following a serious dog bite.

Put Pressure On The Wound

Just like most other wounds, you’ll want to put pressure where you’ve been bitten. First, though, you’ll want to press out some blood to flush out bacteria from the dog’s mouth. The worst-case scenario when being bit by a dog is an infection. Flushing out and washing the wound reduces the chances of an infection.

Applying Antibiotics

A crucial step in the process of caring for your wound is applying antibiotic cream to the wound site. This will also help fend off infection, so make sure to apply some if you happen to have some available to you. You’ll likely be reapplying antibiotic cream in regular intervals after the bite, so keep it nearby.

Wrapping The Wound And Visiting A Doctor

After applying your antibiotic cream, go ahead and wrap the wound. Make sure the wound is well-wrapped, but not so tight that it stops blood flow. It’s important to make sure the wound is sealed, however. After wrapping, be sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Infection can take hold in a matter of hours, so a doctor examination is extremely important. They may prescribe antibiotics to reduce the chance of infection taking hold.

Getting The Representation You Need

After a dog bite, the physical and emotional trauma that can be inflicted may need weeks or months of support. Here at J. Martinez Law, we help those who’ve been victims of dog bites to get the results they need. Contact us today for help with your dog bite case!