What to Expect When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer
A man sitting with his head in his hands in front of a two-car accident in Hobbs.

Have you or someone you love experienced a car accident recently? Does the idea of dealing with the legal side of it on top of recovering make you feel overwhelmed? Here, we will lay out what you can expect when hiring a car accident lawyer to handle your case.

At the J. Martinez Law Firm, located in Hobbs, NM, we have a team of car accident lawyers who are ready to defend your case. Don’t let the stress of legal work stop you from focusing on your recovery. Give us a call at (575) 393-0021 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. 

What Happens Next

Calling a Hobbs car accident lawyer should be done almost immediately after experiencing your wreck, following a visit from your doctor. The reason it needs to be done so soon is that there is a time limit for filing a lawsuit. Hiring a professional can benefit you greatly because they will handle everything on your behalf. Read below to see what comes after hiring your car accident lawyer. 


  • A Case Evaluation/Consultation- After contacting our office, we will bring you in for a free consultation. During this meeting, you will provide your car accident lawyer with every document or piece of evidence you have involving your case. Some documents may include hospital bills, proof of missed work days, and photos of the accident.


  • A Letter is Sent to the Insurance Company- Once our car accident lawyers have all the documented evidence deemed valuable for your case, we will call the insurance company. Depending on how the accident occurred, the letter could go to the negligent driver’s insurance company. In this letter, we demand that you be compensated for all the injuries and damages that were received. If the car accident lawyers cannot come to a negotiation settlement, a lawsuit will be filed. 


  • The Lawsuit is Filed- When a lawsuit is filed, the discovery process begins. This is the longest phase of the case, potentially going on for months or even years. This is when evidence is exchanged between parties; in some cases, you will have to answer questions from the opposing party’s car accident lawyer. 


  • Mediation- This phase is when both parties meet with a third, neutral party to help them both reach a settlement in hopes of avoiding going to trial. You will speak to this person in a separate room, away from the other party. If a settlement still cannot be reached, the case will see trial. 


  • The Case Goes to Trial- The final phase is going to trial which is when you and your opponent will present evidence to a judge and jury. In most scenarios, the case doesn’t go to trial because a settlement is reached. 

Car Accident Lawyers in Hobbs

At the J. Martinez Law Firm, located in Hobbs, NM, our car accident lawyers will ensure that you are properly compensated following your accident. If you require our legal services, call (575) 393-0021 for a consultation.